Sheerness Port Master Plan

A 20 year strategy for growth

Peel Ports consulted with local residents and businesses between 5th November – 17th December 2014 on a draft master plan for the Port of Sheerness.  The Master Plan for the Port of Sheerness forms the backbone to Peel Port’s strategic commitment to develop and grow the Port over the next 20 years.  It also reflects the Port’s ambition to remain a key employer and driver for sustainable growth on the Isle of Sheppey and for Swale.

Sheerness is already a key commercial port for the South East of the UK, handling around 1.3 million tonnes of cargo every year.  Industry forecasts show that this figure could increase by as much as 130% over the next 20 years – making it an even greater centre of economic significance in Swale and North Kent.

The Port of Sheerness is a major player in the automotive logistics industry and the recent addition of a multi-million Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) Centre for Volkswagen has seen an additional 500,000 cars a year come through the port. More significantly, the new PDI Centre has already created around 100 new supply chain jobs.

The range of sectors at the Port, including marine and waterside operations, cargo handling, business management and administration, support a total of 660 jobs. Over the next 20 years, the port has the potential to create a further 1,250 new jobs and a GVA of £156 million by 2034.

But none of this potential for growth can be achieved without further investment and expansion of the current facilities at Sheerness.

The draft Master Plan details the strategy for the sustainable expansion of the Port, including proposed improvements for transportation and access, as well as the increased socio-economic benefits likely to be generated for the region. It highlights five key areas, illustrating options available for the Port to physically grow and meet the forecasted growth in port throughput over the next 20 years.

To find out more about the Masterplan, please download the Peel Port’s Sheerness Master Plan.