Successful Funding For Entity Group

Entity Group: A funding success story

Entity Group specialises in solving complex data issues for large organisations all over the UK and Europe. It is particularly successful at simplifying key business data and helping companies make important decisions they can trust.

A typical client might have data in different offices and even in different parts of the world; Entity aggregates it together and then unravels the complexity of the enterprise data. Their growing client base consists of Banks, Financial Services Institutions, Car Manufacturers and even local Councils.

Entity Group has grown significantly in recent years thanks to the old TIGER funding system. They were able to opened a brand new office in Dubai to forge stronger links with their growing customer base in the Middle East. Entity Group were, because of their substantial growth, also shortlisted as a finalist at the Swale Business Awards. By 2020, they expect to have retained and created over 80 jobs, the majority at their offices on the Kent Science Park, in Swale.

Marketing Manager Sam Thomsett commented on what the investment would mean for Entity: “Entity is already acknowledged for its expertise in Information Management and master data management by a number of global organisations and leading software vendors. With continued funding from organisations such as the TIGER Fund to help enable job creation, Entity will be in a prime position to continue on its path to success”.

Entity had successfully applied for two separate TIGER funds of £250,000. As Sam Thomsett puts it, ‘without the TIGER funding we would not have been able to grow as quickly or create the number of jobs that we have. Although we are only in June, we have already hit out financial objectives for the year.”

To find out how your business could access funding grants and schemes, similar to those used by Entity Group, visit our page on funding.

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NB: TIGER funding is now closed but alternate funding schemes are available for a wide variety of businesses.

Tiger Fund logo; the scheme which enabled Entity Group to grow

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