The Energy Potential of Commercial Rooftops

Time for alternative power to help your rural business?

The case for commercial rooftop solar photovoltaics (PV) has so far rested primarily on the green credentials of the technology. The lack of a definitive case for short-term return on investment on the capital costs of installing rooftop PV has been a barrier to widespread uptake.

However, a report published recently suggests that there is now a clear and compelling economic case for its adoption – the cost of solar panels has plummeted so that the potential savings versus rising grid-based electricity bills have increased. The study uncovers that “British businesses could save over £5bn per year in electricity bills, at current price and consumption levels, by installing fully-funded rooftop solar PV systems on south-facing commercial roofs.”

With this in mind, it could be worth reading this study on the potential cost savings commercial rooftop solar PV offers and see if it could help you.

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