Local businesswoman Emily Houghton, proprietor of ‘EFern’s Sewing Services’ in Sheerness, found the Business Support programme extremely valuable when it came to launching her business model. Following two successful internships as a fashion designer at both Zandra Rhodes and Japanese designer Kumiko Watari, Emily wanted to launch her business offering design and production services for Mens and Womenswear as well as high quality bespoke tailoring and sewing services.

“After university and work experience I decided I wanted to start up my own business. I had a couple of ideas for businesses and created a business plan but then I didn’t really know where to go from there, which is where the Start-Up programme came in. I presented my ideas and they gave me advice as to which one would be more successful at this stage. From this meeting I decided to go ahead with E Fern’s Sewing Services. They also explained about self-employment, tax and national insurance, which was very beneficial as I had never had the responsibility of filling my own return out before. They were very clear and helpful in explaining all the factors behind a successful business and gave me the confidence to go ahead.”
-Emily Houghton

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