Covid-19 compliance checks

19 October 2020

The new Covid-19 alert system announced by the Government last week set out what restrictions are in place for each area of the country. Swale was placed in the medium alert level, meaning there are no changes to the current restrictions that are in place.

To try to prevent the borough being moved up a level, we will be increasing the number of spot checks to make sure businesses are complying with their legal duties.

Most are working hard in these difficult times to comply with their legal duties. This is helping keep people safe and giving them the confidence to support local businesses without putting themselves, or their loved ones, at risk from the virus.

Unfortunately, we have had reports that not all businesses are following the rules.

This is not only illegal, but it puts all the hard work being done by those who are complying with the rules at risk.

If cases continue to rise, there is the real threat of further restrictions being imposed, which will be more harmful to the local economy.

When officers visit premises they will expect them to have everything in place. They will also be able to offer advice and guidance on Covid Safe measures if businesses haven’t understood everything they must do.

However, we will take appropriate legal action, if necessary, against those who are putting people at risk. This can include fines of up to £10,000.

The checks will also be a chance for businesses to let us know what they may be finding difficult so we can try to help or raise the issue at a higher level.

The latest advice and guidance for businesses is available on the government's working safely pages, and we encourage firms to regularly check the site for updates, as guidance and regulations can change.