Growing young people and business

Apprenticeships combine training in a job with a qualification.  They provide employers with a way of securing the skills they need at a cost they can afford.  They also provide young people with a way to earn a wage whilst working towards a qualification.

We have created this page to help you access the apprenticeship resources of this website.


To access our apprenticeship resources visit the Workforce & Skills hub.  There is information on:

  • Funding Opportunities – information about the Apprenticeship Grant.
  • Case Studies – From the 2014 National Apprenticeship Week, view some of the case studies we have collected on the Swale Borough Council Facebook Page.
  • Why Apprenticeships Work – Hear from the people who know, apprenticeships and their employers.
  • How to find an apprenticeship – Looking for an apprenticeship?  Here is our guide on where to search.

If you haven’t been able to find what you are looking for, please talk to us.

Apprenticeships Advice and Guidance Booklet


Cover of the Apprenticeships Advice and Guidance booklet.

Download the Apprenticeships Advice and Guidance Booklet
PDF, 1MB, 16 pages


The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Support and help parents, carers, students and employers to access apprenticeships;
  • Enable a greater understanding about what an apprenticeship is;
  • Provide timelines to help you prepare and apply, with tips and hints;
  • Find out how to apply and provide answers to your questions.

Document published: 4 March 2019